You Could Buy a Really Big Turkey with an Extra $10,000

Have an extra $10,000 by Thanksgiving next yearBrett Arends of the Wall Street Journal showed us how we could celebrate next Turkey Day in high style with an extra $10K in our pockets. Now that’s what I call delicious stuffing!

Mr. Arends polled family, friends, financial advisors and business colleagues to come up with a cornucopia of savings ideas. Here’s the list. See the complete article for more details. So don’t be a turkey, get saving!

  • Dump Your TV – use the Internet instead
  • Use Loyalty Programs – rake in big savings on travel
  • Reschedule Weekly Expenditures – have the housekeeper come in every 2 weeks instead of weekly.
  • Peddle Your Car – Pedal your bike instead
  • Hang up on Your Landline – use Voice Over IP (VOIP) instead
  • Refinance Your Home – that 6% interest rate might have looked mighty sweet when you financed your home but today’s interest rates are over 30% lower.
  • Save in the neighborhoodBulk Up with Your Neighbors – share bulk purchases at warehouse stores with friends and neighbors. Mr. Rogers would be proud…
  • WWMD – Ask what would MacGyver do and learn to do routine maintenance and repairs that you might otherwise hire out.
  • Use the ‘Net to find bargains – shop eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and other sites to haul in big savings. I paid $5 for a new phone headset on Amazon that works better than the $25 set my son bought at Target.
  • Book it, Dano! – Save on new book purchases. Learn to love the Library or buy used.

Brett shared these and several more tips in his article. So, if $10,000 sounds like the kind of gravy you’d like to serve with next year’s bird, read the article and get the recipe.

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