Tips for Savvy Savers

We all would like to save more or simply have more to spend on life’s important pleasures or the special people in our life (Father’s Day is coming up!). Use this list of useful tips to put more money in your wallet or savings account.

  1. The phone may be smart but not so much the owner. My wife has managed to drown, drop, beat to death and generally destroy multiple cell phones. Spend the extra $5 bucks a month and buy phone insurance. If you’re married to a mobile phone murderer you’ll be glad of the investment!
  2. Do you know that the average teenager sends almost 3,500 texts a month (whas’ up … nuthin … whas’ up w u? … nuthin). If your family includes heavy texters then make sure your cell plan includes unlimited texts.

    Cost Per Unit

    Pay attention to the CPU not the Price when comparison shopping

  3. Do you know what CPU means – no, not Central Processing Unit – well you’re going to learn! It means cost per unit and it’s the little number you should look at instead of a product’s price when doing comparison shopping. A product’s price maybe higher than the competing product next to it on the  shelf but if its CPU is cheaper then your getting more for your buck. Manufacturers play all sorts of games with their packaging so be aware of your purchases’ CPU to find the real deals.
  4. Freeze your food, not your savings. If you shop at the big box stores you can often get great savings by buying in bulk. Too often this translates to wasting food in bulk as well.  When stowing your perishables like meats, bread, hard cheeses and the like, separate your consumables in to 2 groups, one for consumption in the next few days with the balance being consigned to your freezer compartment for future use.Oh, and about buying in bulk, saving with bulk purchases is anything but if the food you buy rots before you come close to consuming it. Think about those ginormous clam shells of salad greens getting greener (and not the good kind of green) in your fridge!
  5. Find Your Waze to Cheap Fuel

    Find Your Waze to Cheap Fuel

    App Up Before You Gas Up. Use smart phone apps like Gasbuddy or Waze to find the best gas prices nearby.

  6. Of course, if you’re an afca member don’t forget to sign up for your exclusive Members Savings program. You’ll save big on purchases large and small every day.
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