Manage Your Money Better with Your Own Mint

Mint is a powerful, free, financial management systemThere’s a saying in business that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. The same applies to developing a strong personal financial foundation. The key to any sound personal financial strategy is knowing what you’re spending compared to what you’re earning. Up until now we’ve had to resort to Excel spreadsheets, paper ledgers or expensive software products to maintain a coherent picture of our income, expenses and investments. is a new breed of online tool that provides powerful and free budgeting, personal income and expense tracking and financial manager that allows you to link your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, and investment portfolio to a customized budget for a complete personal financial management oversight tool. Oh, and did we mention it was free?

Take a look at this YouTube overview of Mint from founder Aaron Patzer…

There’s An App for That… is available online or as an app for Android phones and the iPhone.

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