Increase Your Bank Account Through Frugal Living – a leading financial media website, provides invaluable advice for getting the most out of your money, whether you have a lot of it or not so much.

My father always said that there are only 2 ways to increase your wealth; generate more income or cut expenses. provides solid advice for the latter; the fine, and too often forgotten, art of living frugally in its financial planning post on …

10 Commandments for Frugal Living

Among the 10 arefollow the 10 commandments of frugal living to increase your bank account

  • Thou shalt not buy things you don’t need.
  • Thou shalt purchase by value, not price.
  • Thou shalt buy used.
  • Thou shalt ignore the Joneses.
  • Thou shalt do things yourself.

Read more about these five commandments for frugality and get the other 5 on the Frugal Living post. is a Great Resource for Financial Planning Advice

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The above is just a small sampling of the rich advice on improving your personal finances. See for much, much more.

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