How Much Can You Save with Afca?

afca members who register for the MySavings benefit program can save big on everything from groceries to entertainment to vacations. Look at this example and then calculate your own savings.

Save big with afca mysavings beneiftExample of Savings Avaible

This afca member:

  • Eats out for lunch 3 times a week
  • Dines out once  a week
  • Orders a pizza for delivery once a week
  • Likes to bowl once a month
  • Buys 4 movie tickets and rents 2 movies monthly
  • Spends 5 nights in hotels on vacation or business
  • Rents a car 3 days a year
  • Takes a date to the theater twice a year
  • Changes his oil 3 times a year
  • And sends his Mom flowers on her birthday and Mother’s Day

He can save over $1,100 with his afca MySavings benefit!

How much can you save with afca?

  1. Go to the afca members saving page.
  2. Click on the Savings Estimator link at the bottom of the page.Find out what you'll save with afca's mysavings benefit
  3. Complete your profile to find out how much you’ll save with afca‘s MySavings benefit.

Impressed? Existing afca members get this benefit FREE when they request it using our convenient contact form.

Download the afca Savings Calculator Flyer and review our Inside Access brochure for complete program details.